In May 2016, a Facebook post claiming that China was making corned beef with dead bodies and selling the products to Africa started circulating on social media, along with a series of photos purportedly showing the morbid operation.

                  The truth is...

                  On June 16th, the Zambian tabloid KACHEPA issued an open apology on its report dated May 17th that "China Feeding Africa with Human Meat". The apology reads that the source of the said report was from social media and was not verified, which constituted a hoax and the tabloid therefore extends its unreserved apology to the Chinese people.

                  The Centre For Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) report said the Chinese peacekeepers abandoned their posts in the South Sudanese capital of Juba on July 11, 2016, a day after a rocket-propelled grenade had exploded near a Chinese armoured personnel carrier, killing two Chinese soldiers.

                  The truth is...

                  China has refuted allegations that its peacekeepers abandoned their posts in South Sudan in July as "malicious speculation". Yang Yujun, spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense said that Chinese peacekeepers did their utmost to guarantee the safety of civilians and other peacekeepers even after two Chinese soldiers were killed and 5 were injured.

                  On June 12th 2016, the Journal of Brazil published a report titled “China's female citizens are forbidden to marry foreigners”, which had been picked up from the Brazilian channel of a Russian website.

                  The truth is...

                  Aside from the report’s amazing disregard of the fact that the Supreme People’s Court in China is in no position to make or revise a law, if the Court did adopt something of such significance, it would have put an announcement on its official website. However, nobody could find anything related to the report.

                  Recently, a social media post claimed that plastic rice was found in an Asian restaurant in Vancouver, Canada.

                  The truth is...

                  On January 4,Vancouver Coastal Health & Canadian Food Inspection Agency responded, as laboratory tests had shown the rice samples contained no such materials, it is an unproven rumor.

                  In December, 2016 on Indonesian internet, rumors that China using chili as ‘biological weapon against Indonesia and trying to destroy Indonesian economy were popular.

                  The truth is...

                  Indonesia's maritime affairs minister Luhut Panjaitan criticized some of the outbursts on social media. ‘Whether it's true or not, some people over react,’ he said. ‘Oh, the Chinese invade Indonesia. Come on. This is the problem with social media ... Without checking, they just spread the rumors.’

                  The truth is...
                  The truth is...
                  The truth is...
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